La Musica-Are You Playing Your Song? by Giovanni Gaudelli

Launched in 2015, La Musica-Are You Playing Your Song? rapidly reached Amazon’s best-seller status in the Work Life Balance category. Easy and fun to read, the book is an invitation to embark on an exciting self-discovery journey that will bring you more happiness, success and fulfillment. The author Giovanni Gaudelli offers down-to-earth ideas on how you can get in touch with your own internal resources and create the kind of life you truly desire.

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Notes ♫♪ from the publisher

“Sometimes we just don’t need a kick in the pants; what we need is a truth-shot straight into the heart!  In his beautiful work, La Musica-Are You Playing Your Song?, Giovanni Gaudelli reaches in and pulls out the best in us, by showing US how to do it for ourselves. What he has to say about logic, emotion, and decision will go a long way in helping the reader to gain control of their life and live abundantly and joyfully.  If you have ever struggled with your thoughts, actions, circumstances, or all of them, Gio’s words will lift you out of the pit and put you on high ground with a melody in your soul. This is reading for the person who knows they are born with a purpose, and who want to get about the business of fulfilling it.”

 -Margo DeGange, M.Ed., Business & Lifestyle Designer; Founder of Women of Splendor, Co-Founder of Splendor Girls, and President of Splendor Publishing, Central Texas, USA

Praise for La Musica

“The book makes me really think about life and how I personally am tapping into my personal greatness. The book is a must-read for anyone who is looking to grow personally or professionally.”
Cynthia Bazin, President of SmartChic ( and Sacramento City Editor of Today’s Innovative Woman, California, USA

“Dynamic, enthusiastic, sincere, and humorous. I’ve been associated with Giovanni for the better part of four decades. Those adjectives aptly describe the author. No matter your field of discipline, if you are committed to taking your game to the next level, this book is a compelling guide.”
Robert A. Mariani, Chartered Life Underwriter & Financial Security Advisor, Pointe-Claire, Canada
“Giovanni writes this masterpiece of practical living instructions to help you and I, become our own musical conductor & “maestro”. You will have to read it, to figure out how being a slush buster and back washer can help you do this and improve your performance… But then, that will be just one of the pleasant surprises you gain from reading La Musica.”
Timothy Grant Carter - a.k.a. Slam, Author of Best Selling,Positive x Positive equals Unlimited, and Public Speaker, Thomasville, North Carolina, USA

“… his passion and zest for life are contagious and will help you find deeper meaning and authenticity in your life.”
Richard Flowers, Chief Executive Officer, Social Security Board, Belize
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