Giovanni Gaudelli – Keynote & Motivational Speaker

Giovanni Gaudelli is a powerful spark plug for your audience. He fires up people with passion and enthusiasm. He inspires them to want more, learn more, be more and achieve more than they ever thought possible. He transforms a room, big or small, into a memorable and empowering event. This is why his motivational conference has been a favourite for corporate and institutional audiences and event planners for more than 15 years.

Creating WOW !

An inspiring and entertaining keynote and motivational speaker, Giovanni Gaudelli is energetic, funny and uplifting. He has an innate understanding of human nature. His message mobilizes and resonates with audiences from all generations and backgrounds. Through his stimulating communications skills and the use of captivating stories and insights, he brings the participants to understand how their emotions, attitudes and beliefs influence how they react and behave.

Far from a “to-do” list, these innovative insights bring about a powerful shift of attitude. Attendees can’t wait to transform these ideas into real-world actions.

A mobilizing experience you don’t want to miss!

Giovanni Gaudelli knows how to connect with people. He has learned that a people-based approach is uplifting, mobilizing and stimulating. His message has a powerful and meaningful impact on people’s behaviour and brings them to adopt a positive, fulfilling and action-oriented outlook.

Giovanni can deliver his message in English, French or Italian.

Now it’s your turn to live an experience you won’t forget

This is what your audience can expect when they attend a conference by Giovanni Gaudelli:

  • An experienced and dynamic speaker who connects with people on a deep level, keeps them on the edge of their seats and inspires them with real-life transformative insights
  • As an Opening Keynote – a compelling message that will energize, mobilize and engage your audience from the first moment, creating a positive open mindset for upcoming activities
  • As a Closing Keynote – provides the “glue” that makes your content stick, leaves your audience all pumped up and eager to apply what they’ve learned during your event.

What clients say…

“Thank you for speaking at our State Farm Team U! The feedback from your presentation was phenomenal. The team members were inspired to view life differently after hearing your presentation.”
Valda Matusevics, State Farm
“Giovanni was fabulous. A perfect pre-social speaker, he managed to completely invigorate our audience with his humour and enthusiasm yet delivered a very serious and poignant message.”
Sue Kemp, President, DPI, 2010
“Giovanni put us in touch with our WOW-ness. His message was clear and easily understood…..change cannot come from logic unless you address the emotional side first. Giovanni was truly inspirational.”
Andy Ladouceur, Past President, DPI, 2010
“Your pre-social keynote presentation was everything we wished for it to be – light, entertaining, educational and energizing – you were excellent. Your engaging and entertaining delivery made the 80 minutes of content feel as if it was 20 minutes long – well done Giovanni.”
Spartacus Penev, Director of Program, DPI 2010
“Thank you for your enthusiasm and your contagious good humour. What a wonderful message from a great speaker!”
Gilles Dubé, Desjardins Financial Security
“…You have impressed all our participants and we have received extremely positive comments on your presentation.”
Chantal Rodrigue, Transamerica Life Canada
“Thank you for creating happiness and sharing its recipe with us. I’ve never seen so many smiling and happy people, all in one room at the same time.”
Mariette Chalifoux, Société Alzheimer Laval
“Your enthusiasm, humour and messages captivated everyone and got you a standing ovation. Comments were very positive and many franchisees went back to work with very precise messages and learning.”

Lyne Chayer, Vice-President, Marketing, Les Rôtisseries St-Hubert
“Thank you for contributing to the great success of Les Rôtisseries St-Hubert’s 26th Annual Congress.”
Lyne Chayer, Vice-President, Marketing, Les Rôtisseries St-Hubert
“Your conference met our objectives and comments were very positive. Your participation, commitment, and presence were remarkable and much appreciated.”
Michel Charbonneau, Vice-President, Uni-Select
“The survey report of your presentation shows a very high level of satisfaction among the participants. It was a wonderful experience and we are very grateful.”
Martin Larose, Assistant Vice-President, CAA-Québec
“Giovanni Gaudelli is a powerful and engaging keynote speaker who speaks to us in terms we can all understand and relate to.”
Richard Flowers, Chief Executive Officer, Social Security Board, Belize
“Your dynamic ‘stupendously spectacular’ and motivating presentation was greatly appreciated!”
Daryell Nowlan and Denise Frenette, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
“Your message provided participants with a practical empowering approach to understanding their own emotions and behaviors and be more empathetic to those of their colleagues and better able to assist them in moving forward, especially during this time of change.”
Daryell Nowlan and Denise Frenett, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
“Giovanni created a tsunami of straight-from-the-heart energy during our annual business plan launch in 2012. So much so, that we brought him back for our 2014 kick-off and made sure he did a presentation at our Employees’ Day.”
Dominique Dupont, Vice-President, Human Resources, Lumen
“Memorable moments that continue to inspire the members of our sales management team.”
Dominique Dupont, Vice-President, Human Resources, Lumen
“You want to have Giovanni at your kick-off if you want to re-energize and motivate your team with a strong message that focuses on your soul, mind and heart!  A very powerful and energetic speaker. Wow!”
Daniel Bernier, Centre Director, Freedom 55 Financial
“You have an innate talent for group animation. Your presentations are entertaining and thought provoking.”
Sophie Houle, Service Canada
“This conference always has a considerable impact on the group and this makes our teaching activities so much easier during the rest of the training sessions.”
Sophie Houle, Service Canada
“It was a blast. Well done!”
Tracy Fairchild, Marketing Communications Director, VELAN

Happy Clients