It’s cold outside. We’re in February and the temperature is at a chilly -22 degrees Celsius. With the wind, it feels like -30°. In Fahrenheit, that equals to -22° in the wind. Ouch!

I live in an area where winter usually kicks in at the end of November and sticks around until the end of March, giving us ample time to get the winter blues.

We’re all in some ways affected by cold windy weather and by the lack of light, some more than others.

I’m definitely a summer boy. My parents emigrated from southern Italy and though I was born in Montreal, Canada, I don’t think my genes have ever totally adapted to the cold. So, I’m not a huge winter fan and I’ve had to work hard to adjust my attitude.

I’ve learn to see the beauty of the season. The view from my window after a snowfall is totally awesome. I enjoy the crunching sound of freshly fallen snow under my footsteps. I appreciate the coziness of winter evenings, the comfort of a warm minestrone soup, the relaxing glow of candlelight, the company of friends and family. I smile when I see children play in the snow, build snowmen, put up castles and forts and create their own winter wonderland. I love the way a walk or a run in the cold air energizes and invigorates me.

I could make a lot of suggestions as to what you can do to make those long winter months easier. You could buy a full-spectrum sun lamp, take vitamin D, wear colourful clothes, eat certain types of food, meditate, exercise, listen to uplifting music, have a party,  take on a new project, take a vacation in the sun…

All of these can help, but I believe that pushing the reset button on our attitude is the first and most important step.

Changing my mindset toward winter is probably the best thing I could ever do for myself. When I stopped comparing winter and summer, February and July, I stopped resisting and became more resilient and creative.

That’s when I started finding more fulfilling ways to enjoy the winter season. I hope it helps you too!